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Pet Fostering Service Scotland

What is pet fostering? is an overview of being a fosterer:

 A fosterer:

  • Gives a temporary home to a pet, for sometimes for a week, often a month or more.

  •  Takes full responsibility for the pet during that time.


  • Provides the pet care, feeding & exercise (where appropriate).


  • Gives a pet a ‘home from home’ taking away the worry of pet care from the owner at a difficult time.


  • Is a serious and sometimes difficult role but with positive rewards for helping both pets and owners.


  • Enjoys caring for a pet that is often distressed having been parted from their owner….but pets do settle.


  • Has the satisfaction of helping, especially when seeing a pet being reunited with its owner.


  • Has all expenses refunded and any veterinary costs paid.


  • Is supported by the PFSS Area Organiser and the PFSS experienced team.

Pet Fostering:
  • Is NOT a  shortcut or temporary way to satisfy children in the family wanting a pet.


  • Is NOT something to keep children amused or occupied or can take a dog for a walk.

  • Is NOT a short term volunteering role or just for lockdown, we ask volunteers to take a least one pet a year.


  • Is NOT suitable for dog care if the home is unoccupied for hours every day, pets need company.


Age of Children in pet foster homes:

Please note that we are unable to recruit dog fosterers where there are children in the home under 7 years of age. In the case of a new fosterer, with no previous experience of dog care, the lower age limit for children in the pet foster home is 12 years of age.

Having read the above and wish to volunteer as a fosterer or in any support role, there is further more detailed information and an on-line application on the Applying to Volunteer page.