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Pet Fostering Service Scotland

Could You could you help?

By fostering.... 
Fosterers give a temporary home to a pet, taking responsibility for the care, feeding and exercise of the short they give the pet a 'home from home' and free the owner from worry at a difficult time.

Could you become a fosterer? 
We offer care for all types of pets, from cats & dogs to snakes & hamsters.

There are more details in the page 'What is Pet Fostering?' and then if you wish to apply please complete the on-line application form on the 'Applying to volunteer page' where there are further details of the specific role of being a fosterer. 

By helping in other roles..... 

We rely on volunteers to carry out home visits, to become involved in fundraising and to promote the work of PFSS, either in person or helping our advertising campaign.

If you would like to help in any way.....please use the form on the Applying to Volunteer page and also read about our work in general on this website.

If, after reading these pages, we have not answered your questions then please contact the recruitment team on 0344 811 9909 (Selecting options 6 after the welcome message), or by email to