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Pet Fostering Service Scotland

*If you are considering applying, we will not be processing applications until after Monday 18th Janusry.

Volunteering, to become a Pet Foster carer or to help in oher ways:

Please click here to access our volunteer information and application online resource pack.
Alternatively, phone or email the recruitment team for an information pack using the contact information below.

Important notes.......please read these:

Virtual Home Visits......As part of the applicaton process to foster pets, we carry out a home visit. This is unfortunately not possible due to the Covid-19 restrictions and the consequential safety of all concerned. 
PFSS has therefore successfully trialled & now established a 'virtual' Home Visit process, where the 'visit' is carried out by video, using Facetime or Zoom etc. The 'virtual' home visit is used for dog fostering only, for cat fostering the assessment is carried out by a phone discussion. Please note that no video or voice recording is made of the visit, however should a video call not be either acceptable or technically possible, we can discuss options.

Children in the pet foster home: Please note that we are unable to recruit new dog fosterers where there are children in the home under 7 years of age. In the case in a new fosterer with no previous experience of dog care, the lower age limit for children in the pet foster home is under 12 years of age.

Please also see the notes on the web page 'About Pet Fostering'